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•  Henry Ford Health System PHI Data Breach Affects 18K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Understanding HIPAA Data Sharing Policies for Better Patient Care – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Health Data Privacy Concerns Key Influence in PHI Data Sharing – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  48% of Providers Use Device Encryption for Texted Orders – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  12K Affected in ShopRite Supermarkets Data Security Incident – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Applying US-CERT IoT Security Best Practices to Healthcare – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  $2M Settlement Reached in Cottage Health Data Breach Case – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  PHI of 9.5K Possibly Compromised in WI Healthcare Phishing Attack – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HIDDEN COBRA – North Korean Trojan: Volgmer – (Source: US-CERT)      •  Catholic Charities Healthcare Cyberattack Impacts 4.6K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HIPAA Info Included in Updated MD Data Breach Notification Law – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  41% of Health Data Breaches Stem from Unintended Disclosure – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  US-CERT Urges Updates to Counter Found WiFi Vulnerabilities – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Regular Employee Training Essential in Healthcare Cybersecurity – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Using Secure Texting for Improved Patient Care, Data Security – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Arkansas Facility Ransomware Attack Potentially Affects 128K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Creating a Culture of Data Privacy, Security in Healthcare – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  NIST CSF, Risk Management Key for Cybersecurity Improvements – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Data Breach at Home Monitoring Company Exposes 150K Patients' Files – (Source: Healthcare Informatics)      •  CO Hospital Email Breach Possibly Exposes PHI of 3.4K Families – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Why Guidance is Critical for Strengthening Healthcare Cybersecurity – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  How HIPAA Rules Apply with Law Enforcement Investigations – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Ransomware Attack May Impact 19K Oncology Hematology Patients – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HIPAA ALERT: Forgotten Physical Safeguards Lead to Stolen Records. – (Source: Compliance & Ethics)      •  OCR: Staff Training Key for Data Security, Avoiding Scams – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  MI Computer System Health Data Breach May Involve Data of 106K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HHS Reviews HIPAA Rules Following Hurricane Harvey – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Recent Aetna Data Breach Leads to Class Action Lawsuit – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  How HIPAA Regulations Can Ease Information Blocking – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  St. Mark’s Ransomware Attack Could Affect 33K Patients – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Phishing Attack May Impact PHI of 3.4K at CA Treatment Center – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Improve Healthcare Authentication with New NIST Guide – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  OCR Stresses Employee Training Need in PHI Security – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Anthem Vendor Reports Potential Data Breach Affecting 18K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HHS Updates HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool, Empowers Consumers – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Patient Data Exposure Possibly Impacts 15K at FL Center – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  PHI of 13K Involved in Ransomware Attack at PA Health Clinic – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Airway Oxygen Ransomware Attack May Affect PHI of 500K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Improper Disposal Creates PHI Security Concern for 1.8K – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  HHS Issues Cyber Notice About Potential Threat from "Hidden Cobra" – (Source: Healthcare Informatics)      •  Texas health system settles potential HIPAA disclosure violations – (Source: HHS)      •  Thousands of patient records leaked in New York hospital data breach – (Source: NBC News)      •  MDLive faces class-action lawsuit over privacy concerns – (Source: FierceHealthare)      •  2017 OCR HIPAA Settlements Focus on Risk Analyses, Safeguards – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Health Center Agrees to $400K OCR HIPAA Settlement – (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Provider hit with $31,000 HIPAA settlement over lack of business associate's agreement – (Source: HealthcareIT News)      •  Allina Health Privacy Incident Possibly Exposes Patient Info. (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Chadron Community Hospital employee illegally accesses patient EHRs. (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Oregon Medical Center inadvertently exposes patient information. (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Sharp Healthcare PHI reportedly stolen. (Source: HealthIT Security)      •  Memorial Healthcare System pays $5.5 million to settle HIPAA suit over lack of audit controls. (Source: Healthcare IT News)      •  Email Forwarding Rule Sent 1,700 Patients’ PHI to Employee’s Personal Email Account. (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  New York Giants Star and ESPN Agree to Settle Privacy Breach Lawsuit. (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  Children’s Medical Center Issued $3.2M OCR HIPAA Penalty.(Source: Healthcare IT News)      •  34,000 Patients Notified of ePHI Data Breach at Quest Diagnostic. (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  4,100 Cardiac Patients Notified of Breach of ePHI at Wilmington, DE-based Ambucor Health Solutions (AHS). (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  Healthcare Pages Intercepted and Posted Online. (Source: HIPAA Journal)       •  New Report Published on Privacy Risks of Personal Health Wearable Devices. (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  Patient Posts PHI of New Hampshire State Psychiatric Hospital Patients Online. (Source: HIPAA Journal)      •  UCLA Medical Center Investigates Potential Breach of Kanye West’s PHI. (Source: HIPAA Journal)       •  Presence Health settles HIPAA breach suit for $475,000. (Source: Health Data Management)       •  Update from OCR - Disclosures to Loved Ones. (Source: American Institute of Healthcare Compliance)      •  Breach at Community Health Plan of Washington affects nearly 400,000 members. (Source: Healthcare IT News)     
We understand that overseeing compliance for your organization is likely one of your many responsibilities. That’s why we developed our comprehensive suite of best-in-class solutions designed to make HIPAA compliance faster, easier, and cost-effective. Read more...

HIPAA Institute helps organizations achieve HIPAA compliance


With HIPAA Institute you can Achieve your Compliance status

HIPAA Institute helps healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA


With HIPAA Institute you are able to Maintain your Compliance status

HIPAA Institute helps organizations achieve HIPAA compliance


With HIPAA Institute you can Inculcate a culture of Compliance


With HIPAA Institute you can Track and trace your Compliance activities

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The tool is user friendly and has helped us to bridge a biggest gap i.e., creating HIPAA policies and procedures. Since IOPW is the first BU getting prepared for HIPAA audits, there were lot of things we did not have idea about but by using this tool we could accomplish 70% of task with no hassle. As I mentioned above, creating documents without the help of this tool was not at all easy and would have taken a lot of time.

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“HIPAA Institute is a comprehensive collection of tools, templates, training, and support services that enable compliance professionals to develop robust, effective HIPAA compliance plans and documentation. HIPAA Compliance Officers can use some or all of what is available through HIPAA Institute to supplement their existing programs, or develop new ones from scratch — HIPAA Institute gives you whatever you need to improve your HIPAA compliance.”

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