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HIPAA Automation Tool

A web-based compliance tool

  • 52 step-by step guidance
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Ready to use policies and procedures
  • Compliance training for you and your team
  • HIPAA expert as a personal coach

HIPAA Compliance tool is a powerful compliance management software designed to drive and monitor your compliance program irrespective of your organization’s size. Created and reviewed by industry experts, with the help of this tool organizations can perform their own HIPAA audits and ensure compliance standards are met anytime.

Industry's First Compliance Software to Drive
HIPAA Compliance for Multiple Locations and Departments

Key Benefits

  • 52 steps compliance program
  • Admin compliance dashboard
  • 100+ policies and procedures (pre-loaded)
  • 8 compliance checklist for gap analysis
  • 8 compliance trainings
  • Employee training reports
  • Personal compliance coach
  • Management and administrative reports
  • Periodic auto renewal of documents
  • User policy related questionnaire and certifications
Drive Step-by-Step Compliance Program in Your Organization

Key Features

  • Compliance Wizard
    If you are looking for an easy way to manage HIPAA compliance, the compliance wizard is your answer – 52 steps web-based tool. You can create, update, and distribute your HIPAA policies within your organization. This easy-to-use tool will help you navigate all the compliance challenges you face!
  • HIPAA eLearning Sessions
    You don’t have to create training programs from scratch. HIPAA Institute offers a wealth of compliance training resources on HIPAA regulations for staff members. We offer comprehensive training modules covering different topics related to HIPAA and other compliance areas.
  • Customizable Templates
    HIPAA Institute provides compliance-related templates that can be tailored to an organization’s needs. These include: Amendment of PHI, Audit Policy & Process, Contingency Operations, Facility Access Controls Procedure, and many more.
  • Compliance Checklist for Gap Analysis
    Perform gap analysis with HIPAA Institute checklists which provides a detailed review of each of the compliance requirements under the HIPAA. These checklists have been designed to help your organization easily understand existing gaps in your compliance procedures and to find solutions to bridge them.
  • HIPAA Coach – Review
    Get your checklist answers reviewed by our HIPAA specialists who will be working with you to prepare a remediation and implementation plan for your organization.
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