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Looking for an easy and effective way to become HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA Compliance brings to you a set of Templates, Checklists, eLearning Modules, and lot more easy to refer and implementable action items, which would help you
to kick-start the work towards being HIPAA COMPLIANT.
The HIPAA Institute customizable templates are developed in a manner that can be easily customized in order to meet the unique requirements of Your Organization .......
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HIPAA Institute eLearning modules help you to generate Continuing Education Units (CEU) for Training and Education, and Auditing and Monitoring for Compliance .......
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Gap Assessment Checklists
HIPAA Institute checklists are created to provide a complete walkthrough of HIPAA privacy and security rule for your organization, thus highlighting .......
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HIPAA Automation Tool
In an environment of changing regulations, our online tools help you to manage Compliance, Understand the gaps, Mitigate the Risk and makes you HIPAA Compliant.
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