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Assess Your Risks

Regulatory Compliance Risk Assessment

In order to ensure you have a comprehensive plan for maintaining HIPAA compliance, you have to know where the gaps are. This involves conducting ongoing risk assessments of your processes.

You should conduct an assessment each time you set out to establish or revise your processes. Since the nature of your business and the laws governing the protection of patient information can change quickly and frequently, it’s important to assess your risks on a regular basis.

Some important considerations:

NOTE: Computers aren’t the only place where electronic patient health information could be at risk. Photocopiers and printers often store scanned or printed documents in their memory or print cue. Be sure to consider these and other potential places where information might be stored in your risk assessment and create policies to address them.

HIPAA Risk Assessment Tools

How the HIPAA Institute can help?

The HIPAA Institute offers a set of tools to take the guesswork out of conducting a compliance risk assessment. So you can take commercially reasonable actions to ensure your patient information and trust stays intact.

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