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HIPAA Policy and Procedure

Creating a culture of compliance begins with the establishment of HIPAA policies and procedures regarding the appropriate use and disclosure of patient information for your team and your business associates. These are the protections you put into place to ensure that patient information is only accessed by only those who are entitled to access it.

Your compliance policies and procedures should cover:

When creating your policies and procedures, consider the type of patient information you collected by asking:

Most importantly, follow an eclectic and holistic approach in implementing HIPAA compliance. Keep in mind all the possibilities for probable breach of patient's information or PHI from various ends, in order to create a secure, fail-safe environment for your patients -- just as you take care of their health.

Compliance Policies and Procedures by HIPAA Institute

How the HIPAA Institute can help?

We understand creation of policies and procedures is likely to be just one part of your many compliance job responsibilities. That’s why the HIPAA Institute has created its best-in-class solutions to make establishing your compliance policies and procedures easier.

Here is a glimpse of the tools available for you:

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