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Monitor Your Activity

Compliance Audit Process

In addition to ongoing training, you should conduct regular HIPAA compliance audits. Regular monitoring and audits are necessary for understanding whether or not members of your staff are effectively following your privacy and security compliance policies and procedures.

Be sure to examine patient records, information storage systems, and whether or not your policies and procedures are being followed by your staff and business associates.

Consider the entirety of your practice and every manner in which you might use patient information. Then, develop or revise policies to protect it sufficiently.

Here are some areas to keep in mind as you consider the scope of your auditing process:

Compliance Audit Checklists

How the HIPAA Institute can help?

The HIPAA Institute can help make monitoring and auditing easier by seamlessly incorporating these practices into your routine activities. Here are some package features that can assist you in monitoring activity and auditing your HIPAA compliance program.

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