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Train Your Team

HIPAA Training Requirements for Staff

Once you have policies and procedures in place, the next step is to coordinate a HIPAA training program for staff. It’s not just a good idea, it’s actually required under the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule.

ACA, HIPAA, OSHA - for every fresh law or regulation that gets passed, new or updated policies must follow, all of which must be properly shared with your staff members.

Therefore, train your staff on an ongoing basis and update your training materials regularly to reflect any changes to your policies and procedures.

Your training should include but not be limited to the following aspects:

Be sure to have a system for tracking WHO attended the training, WHEN they attended, and WHAT was covered.

How can the HIPAA Institute help?

In addition to the comprehensive set of tools available in our Shield and Safeguard packages, the HIPAA Institute offers a number of eLearning sessions to help you keep your staff informed and prepared.

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