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Gap Analysis Toolkit
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A complete set of 8 checklists applicable to any organization who handles PHI in any form.

Performing a gap analysis is always an excellent idea as this exercise would measure your current compliance efforts against the regulatory requirements. Therefore, the objective of carrying out a HIPAA gap analysis is to identify privacy and security requirements in the organization, and to locate gaps that exist at the various level of privacy and security rule implementation

At a higher level, there are a number of areas where it is vital to perform gap analysis such as — website audit, on-site HIPAA inspection, vulnerability assessment, breach notification audit, and business associate agreement assessment.

Whether you are a covered entity or the business associate of one, if your organization handles PHI in any form, then it is recommended that you use our Gap Analysis Toolkit to ensure its privacy, confidentiality, and integrity. We have designed our checklists in such a manner that you don’t need to have experts beside you all the time. Anyone from your organization can perform gap analysis with help from our checklists.

Product Description

This Toolkit is a combination of 8 compliance checklists that is required to perform internal audit in order to identify any risk areas in your organization.

Privacy Checklist — Our privacy checklist covers the entire Privacy Rule from 45 CFR 164.500 till 164.534.

Security Checklist — Our security checklist covers the entire Security Rule from 45 CFR 164.302 till 164.318.

Breach Notification Audit Checklist — Our breach notification audit checklist covers the entire Breach Notification Rule from 45 CFR 164.400 till 164.414.

Business Associate Checklist ? Our business associate checklist covers HIPAA rules and regulations that applies on business associate and sub-contractors.

Website Audit Checklist — With 500+ questions, this checklist covers the entire website section of your organization, and performs gap analysis to identify any loopholes in your ePHI flow through your website.

On-site HIPAA Inspection Checklist — With the help of 150+ questions in this checklist, you can perform on-site HIPAA inspection in your organization without any third-party assistance

Vulnerability Assessment Checklist — Our vulnerability assessment checklist is designed to perform gap analysis in your organization to identify any vulnerable areas which can cause a HIPAA breach.

Risk Assessment Checklist — With 200+ questions, the risk assessment checklist covers Privacy Rule, Security Rule and Breach Notification Rule to identify any risk areas in your organization.

All 8 checklists are available online stepwise, so that you can access these checklists anytime anywhere. These checklists are available to you for one year, so that you can perform gap analysis as many times as you want and check the compliance score for progress. In the long run, this documentation will provide you the necessary safeguard in case of a breach.

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