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Whether you’re a physician or an office manager for a small practice, overseeing compliance is likely just one of your many responsibilities. That’s why we developed our comprehensive suite of best-in-class solutions designed to make HIPAA Privacy, Security and Data Breach reporting compliance faster, easier, and cheaper.

A robust compliance program starts here

We offer two levels of HIPAA compliance solutions to meet the needs of covered entities and their business associates. Both include access to training resources, customizable templates, and auditing tools. The goal is to help make it easier to establish and maintain commercially reasonable safeguards that are part of an effective compliance program.

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Compliance Wizard

If you are looking for an easy way to manage HIPAA compliance, the compliance wizard is your answer. You can create, update, and distribute your HIPAA policies within your organization. This easy-to-use tool will help you navigate all the coding challenges you face!

Health Information Compliance Alert PDFs

Our monthly newsletter, Health Information Compliance Alert, will assist you in keeping HIPAA audits and penalties at bay. The newsletter provides regular updates on the HIPAA compliance audit program, insight on what you need to produce if audited by the HHS Office of Civil Rights, the new rights you must add into your policies, notice of privacy practices, and much more.

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HIPAA eLearning Sessions

You don’t have to create training programs from scratch. HIPAA Institute offers a wealth of compliance training resources on HIPAA regulations for staff members. We offer comprehensive training modules covering different topics related to HIPAA and other compliance areas.

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Ask a Compliance Expert  Questions

If you have a compliance question, Ask an Expert has the answers. This Q&A section allows users to submit their question(s) directly to the forum. A HIPAA compliance specialist will respond with the answer, supporting information, and explanation.

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Customizable Templates

HIPAA Institute provides compliance-related templates that can be tailored to an organization’s needs. These include: Amendment of PHI, Audit Policy & Process, Contingency Operations, Facility Access Controls Procedure, and many more.

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Privacy Checklist

The privacy checklist provides a detailed review of each of the compliance requirements under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This checklist has been designed to help your organization easily understand existing gaps in your compliance procedures and to find solutions to bridge them.

Security Checklist

This security checklist is designed to assist organizations better understand the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule so they can implement and assess those rules in their day-to-day activities to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Breach Notification Checklist

This checklist is designed to provide guidance, understand severity, immediate actions associated, required corrective steps and to prepare towards four different types of notifications which are required to be given in the event of a breach.

Business Associate Checklist

After the HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule changes, the business associate agreement is one of the most important contracts covered entities need and business associates to comply with. We have prepared BA checklists to make your job easier when it comes to managing your BAs.

Website Checklist

The HIPAA Institute website checklist will help you do a self-assessment and determine whether your website is HIPAA compliant or not. We understand web security and its critical importance in upholding the integrity and vitality of your organization.

On-Site HIPAA Inspection Checklist

If your organization handles PHI, you need to comply with HIPAA regulations covering the security and privacy of patient data. Our on-site HIPAA checklist is designed in a manner with which you can perform your own inspection of HIPAA readiness related to People, Process and Technology.

Vulnerability Assessment

Hospitals, health systems, physician practices, payers such as insurance organizations, as well as business associates must perform a complete vulnerability assessment exercise to meet HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Institute vulnerability assessment checklist identifies the core areas that an organization should address within the broad spectrum of risk analysis.

Risk Assessment Checklist

In order to ensure you have a comprehensive plan for maintaining HIPAA compliance, you must know where the gaps are. Our risk assessment checklist will help you identify any administrative, physical, and technical gaps in your organization.

Risk Assessment Coach - Review

Get your checklist answers reviewed by our HIPAA specialists who will be working with you to prepare a remediation and implementation plan for your organization.



Why HIPAA Institute?

  • Step by step implementation and documentation of HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Cloud-based system and no local installation requirement allows the use of preferred web browser for easy secure access anytime, anywhere.
  • Customizable template library in line with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule.
  • Different compliance resources like training sessions with tests and certifications, self-assessment of risks, complete HIPAA standards repository, HIPAA glossary, compliance document library on topics like CMS, OIG, Medicaid etc. along with HIPAA expert advice on an as-needed basis.

Experts behind HIPAA Institute

HIPAA Institute receives guidance from leading HIPAA compliance experts of the industry like healthcare, regulatory compliance, information security, etc. for developing appropriate methodologies, software, services and products for us.

He is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to a wide variety of health care entities.

She has 25 years experience in the medical field. She is a Healthcare Compliance Analyst for Michigan State University HealthTeam, provides independent consulting services, and has been a speaker for Michigan State Medical Society, The Coding Institute, Webinars, and AAPC.

She is currently the Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, a 480-bed tertiary, academic medical center in St. Petersburg, FL.

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