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Gap Assessment Checklists

HIPAA Institute’s checklists provide you with a complete walk-through of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, highlighting the required policies, processes, and mechanisms you need to effectively implement HIPAA compliance in your organization.

Privacy Checklist

With our Privacy Checklist, not only will we guide you through HIPAA Privacy Rule’s regulatory guidelines, however, you can also monitor how your organization is implementing these guidelines... Learn more

Security Checklist

Use our Security Checklist to discover where your organization stands with the regulatory guidelines of the HIPAA Security Rule... Learn more

Breach Notification Audit Checklist

The Breach Notification Audit Checklist gives you guidance and the required corrective steps to prepare you for HIPAA notifications in case of a breach... Learn more

Business Associate Checklist

The Business Associate Checklist makes it easy for you to identify your business associates’ HIPAA compliance adherence, making you audit-ready... Learn more

Compliance Checklist

With 500+ questions, you can audit and review your overall compliance performance in your organization and easily identify gaps to design further action plan to be HIPAA compliant.

On-site HIPAA Inspection Checklist

Use our On-site HIPAA Checklist to perform your own inspection of HIPAA readiness in your organization related to people, processes, and technology... Learn more

Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

Our Vulnerability Assessment Checklist identifies the core areas that organizations like hospitals, physician practices, and payers should address within the broad spectrum of risk analysis... Learn more

Risk Assessment Checklist

The Risk Assessment Checklist reveals the threat to your business and shows you demonstrable evidence of the HIPAA compliance health status of your organization... Learn more

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