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HIPAA Compliance Training

Erase three words from your team’s vocabulary: I DIDN’T KNOW

Having established policies and procedures means little if your team isn’t intimately familiar with them. As per the Office of the Inspector General (OIG ), implementing an ongoing training program for staff isn’t just a good idea, it’s actually a requirement in order for covered entities and their business associates (healthcare providers, hospitals, individual clinics etc.) to stay HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

You don’t have to create a compliance training program from scratch. HIPAA Institute offers a wealth of compliance training resources on HIPAA, HITECH, OSHA, OIG and other compliance regulations for staff members, including updated regulations and court rulings for maintaining compliance.

Our comprehensive training modules cover different topics related to compliance, such as the HIPAA Privacy rule, Security rule, Breach Notification rule, Risk Assessment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Code of Conduct, Appropriate Internet and Responsible Social Media Use and many more.

Here is a list of the topics covered in our training program:

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