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HIPAA Documentation Challenges Whitepaper

HIPAA, as we all understand, is a mandatory adherence requirement for the entire US Healthcare domain. HIPAA Rule, as any other rule, is complex and difficult to understand and fully implement on our own. There are various requirements defined in HIPAA Rule under Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), one of which is related to “Documentation”, which is actually our first step towards being compliant.

Documentation requirement is not at all simple and depends on many inputs, few of them related and being referred from multiple clauses/requirements of the Rule. The inputs also depends on type of work, kind of organization, Protected Health Information (PHI) handling, vendor engagements, etc.

HIPAA documentation is not something that can be created easily as it required some deep knowledge from HIPAA security and privacy rules.

Thinking what’s next…

Checkout our whitepaper on “HIPAA documentation challenges” and learn how to document your HIPAA compliance program correctly and be audit ready.


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