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HIPAA Risk Assessment for $349.00 per year
$349.00 per year
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One of the most important steps within a HIPAA Risk Management program is to test compliance with the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules. The HIPAA risk assessment process involves conducting an in-depth review and analysis of policies, procedures and documentation within the organization. This exercise requires working together with staff to test their understanding of the requirements with current policies, procedures and controls to assess potential gaps with compliance with the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule regulates organization to protect an individual’s protected health information (PHI). The Rule requires safeguards to protect the privacy of PHI, and allows an individual to have rights over their health information.


The HIPAA Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to secure an individual’s electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Benefits of HIPAA Institute

Completing a precise, detailed compliance Risk Assessment is the first step towards making your organization audit-ready — a major task for any organization. But, with HIPAA Institute’s Risk Assessment web-based tool and our HIPAA experts, you can complete this daunting task virtually stress free!

The Risk Assessment process is organized on the basis of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Identify gaps
  • Step 2: Expert review
  • Step 3: Remediation plan
  • Step 4: Implementation

With the help of our tool, once you identify the HIPAA security risk assessment gaps in your organization, our compliance experts will review your organization’s status. After the review process, our experts will give you a detailed remediation plan. Once you implement this plan, your Risk Assessment will be complete!

HIPAA Institute’s Risk Assessment Master converts all of the HIPAA Rule requirements in an easy-to-use, automated HIPAA Security Risk Assessment tool that lets you monitor your compliance progress. It will help you record all your completed Risk Assessments and will show noticeable, demonstrable evidence of your current and past compliance.

  • Web-based system with no local installation requirement
  • Easy and secure access anytime, anywhere
  • Automated tool guides you through all the requirements of the HIPAA Rule
  • Helps identify gaps in your HIPAA compliance program
  • Dynamic graphical dashboard as per the gaps identified
  • Automatic email notification for multiple events
  • Periodic scheduling and version history
  • Easy, customizable report generation
  • Makes your organization audit-ready
  • Different compliance resources like complete HIPAA standards repository, HIPAA glossary, and compliance document library on topics like CMS, OIG, Medicaid, etc.

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